Our mission is to cultivate sustainable public health interventions in partnership with underserved communities in developing countries through collaborative education.

May 2018

CHIMPS continues to explore partnerships with organizations doing work with underserved communities in developing countries.  CHIMPS was founded on partnerships with groups in El Salvador, but currently members have expanded their work to Liberia.  With support from US pediatricians Dr. Elinor Graham, Maggie Wheeler and Patricia McQuilkin, Liberia's Enhanced Well Child Care Staff has put together a manual about how to establish an enhanced well child care program:

How to Establish an Enhanced Well Child Care Program for Teen Parents and their Infants

January 2018

"Dr. Roseda Marshall in Liberia and Dr. Maggie Wheeler and Dr. Ellie Graham in Seattle, are holding this email fundraiser for our very successful pilot project in Liberia to improve health outcomes for teen parents and their infants.  We want to expand this project to an additional teaching hospital site in Liberia and make it the focus of our Community Pediatrics training for our Liberian pediatric residents.  We received a small grant from the University of Massachusetts Public Service Award and hope to match it with another $5000 raised from family and friends here in the US to start a second program site by January, 2018. "

They are soliciting tax deductible donations for their work and you can donate on this site (see sidebar) or send a check to Community Health International Medical Projects for Sustainability, PO Box 15719, Seattle, WA  98115-0719.

Additional Information:

Enhanced Well Child Care Program 
A presentation by Liberian Pediatric Resident Dr. Patience Dono Franklin on the work with Liberian teen parents and their infants.  This presentation was made in July 2017 to the Global Health Institute at the Univ of Wisconsin-Madison.